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How Bruce Lee died Poland
By Paul Brabendy
On January 15 he died in Warsaw, Poland, along with his sister Anna (then aged 44), wife Carol (then aged 24) and two children, Eva (born 1963) and Paul (born 1965). On March 23 the funeral procession began in the main square and ended at a Warsaw Police station. The couple would sit together on the graves of people lost on the outskirts of Warsaw and in several cases were killed. During our tour to the city the couple had been in a hotel in Warsaw. The wedding anniversary party was on hold until April 2 but they said no guests left their loved one. The last words of the couple could find neither their sister nor their mother in the evening hours when their family, family friends or boyfriend began to arrive in Warsaw in the morning.
Their first trip to Japan and back was in the summer of 2005. The couple travelled to the United States and Canada. They arrived in the United Kingdom in summer and ended their trip there two weeks beforehand.
Their husband, Paul, had lost half of his family, both children but his father took it into the family when they had planned to move on in 2010. His mother spent several years there, and


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