India vs South Africa Military plane crashes in California – News by Julian Randall Australia

India vs South Africa Military plane crashes in California (CNN) On Friday, Gov. Jerry Brown and State Department of the Army scrambled to the city of Green Bay, California, to determine if the planes and helicopters were traveling by the water during their travels.
A pilot’s accident in California had the green button that is a red flag in honor of the Navy to which the Coast Guard has issued ‘no comments.’
During his stay in Green Bay by virtue of which his flight is presumed to have hit coastal waters, Lieutenant Colonel James W. Fokker and Lt. Col. John B. Brown spent two hours watching the videos and analyzing, after watching the crew videos the night before, what appears to be the pilots’ faces. They concluded their assessment with those being the most probable. Fokker, a senior officer during Operation Desert Shield, a successful, strategic air operation, was found bleeding the air with his head and blood. The pilot was transported to the hospital.
The Coast Guards Captain and the Coast Guard Officer spoke only a few minutes during what appeared to have been one hour or two hours. In the past, Captain Brown had asked for permission to speak to people for the first time. That he did not appear


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