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Man City Charles Barkley
Sterling (1789–1852) was an English politician, businessman, and military officer. He was a senior official, managing secretary for the English-speakers’ commission from 1831 to 1868. He held various government positions at the Ministry of Lands (Dramandiamus), including those covering the King, Sir Arthur Kitchener, Major George Douglas, Earl of Richmond, Governor Edward Wulf and Lord Howe the Elder. After the death he headed the Parliamentary Bureau of Colonial Affairs (1783–1835) where he became the chairman of the Home Office.
In 1808 he formed a company known as “Barbati” with Richard George Gordon, a descendant of Edward Gordon. They settled the question of a large portion of English land in New Zealand on their island base in May 1812. They soon founded the London Settlement Company in 1811, and in 1814 sold it briefly. Meanwhile Barbati were competing from some East-India Company members. In 1820 Barbati established a company in New Zealand which sold shares between the various landholders to James Woodbury. They succeeded James Woodbury but lost the remaining shares to William Woodbury before the appointment of Woodbury as Land


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