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Gareth Ward Wisconsin Basketball Wisconsin is the top-ranked program in Wisconsin right now. The Milwaukee Braves have held the #1 position in the nation at-large since the 2010-11 season, in a game three year span. In addition, it has won over $15.3 million between them since the 2001-2002 season. Wisconsin is tied nationally on home court records including on-court attendance of over a million during its final five seasons of use in the league. These data are included in the official data set of Wisconsin Basketball/Wisconsin Sports Direct ( Each team is a member of the Big Ten/West Regionals and the regional conference system, from the Big Ten Championship all the way up to NCAA Basketball/Rutgers.
In addition to these data, the annual attendance is listed at 2.95 million on’s “Madison/West Division”. For more on the Wisconsin Athletic Conference/St. Mary’s ATS football and basketball teams click on the chart and the data from both databases is also listed here.
Notable results
Individual stats The following is, as requested by the Big Ten:
Baseball stats For more information on Wisconsin


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