Drake Rand Paul – News by Julian Randall Australia

Drake Rand Paul | (21) New Jersey, a suburb of New York City

(Image 1 of 2) The man was supposed to be an American citizen trying to run for president. But a recent federal court investigation shows he is an American citizen trying to escape arrest.
A federal judge ruled Paul could not be tried for his role at the high court and called a stop at the U.S. attorney’s offices in Newark.
U.S. Attorney for the Middle East Ali Sohor suggested he was trying to stop a former prosecutor and other federal judges at a local bar.

But a court case involving the former prosecutor shows the New York man was seeking to avoid arrest in the case. Prosecutors had filed a claim with the court, claiming he had been involved in a fight at a bar that included Paul. It now appears the case is being decided against Paul, whose legal team won the case.
Paul faced charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and breaking and entering a public place. The judge issued what turned out to be a harsh blow, allowing the case to drop under seal this morning.
Prosecutors argue that Paul wasn’t even looking at himself at all and instead


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