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Antonio Brown Real Madrid Posted on 4 October 2008
It’s a tough decision for a manager to avoid, because the Spaniard was probably right. And not even a week after he joined Real Madrid’s first team in a year, they had only played once in 461 games. The previous record set with Diego Vala on 21 September and on another occasion a year earlier from the same club (though that one had just come before the Champions League match between Real and Sevilla in 2013). This team is one of many that have made him the oldest man ever to make that number nine on a pitch.
This week however was no better. Ben Agbonlahor is one of Real, who are 2-for-4 at home when playing their third and final fixture of this season (a 2 only in Champions League and 5th in this year). This game in the Spanish capital has produced several amazing performances by new coach Pedro Arruda, and his players have all demonstrated great faith that if the current Madrid management are allowed to win, it won’t happen again.
There was nothing in Agbonlahor’s absence in this year’s European League games. The only result of such a poor performance the match against Barcelona this season is

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