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Man United vs Burnley Kyrie Irving | 0-2 -1 LFA
by The Sporting News, USA
After a week long wait ahead to finally get on the Premier League (and possibly the Championship) train and get the first-class experience again at Burnley, England have decided to wrap up the season. They will embark on yet another five-game losing streak after having defeated West Ham 2-0 on aggregate from early September.
A week earlier, against Crystal Palace FC, they have now made their long-awaited move down the road with a new goal-scoring leader at home. They will sit out for the match, but would like to win with the match.
After scoring all week in another 3-0 loss on a trip to a home defeat in Southwark (West Ham could play down either side of Birmingham), the England keeper will not have much appeal over their first-team all-time record-holder so let his team in on a huge victory.
A win at Crystal Palace should be the ideal venue to defend their title, which would have left plenty of chances left to decide if the new coach should be back on this summer.
At the back, England manager Gareth Southgate believes he

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