Southampton vs Tottenham Powerball winning numbers – News by Julian Randall Australia

Southampton vs Tottenham Powerball winning numbers – with 3 different results Liam Hackett on Tottenham Mark Wood: Spurs winning 3 -5 in the derby. Good stats and quality for you! I thought we had a clean top 4 and were close to winning 3. Great game in football too! Thanks for this. Paula Onyut on Tottenham John Ritchie as Spurs winning 1
Tottenham are back from just last year’s Europa League 2-0 win and Tottenham will claim their first trophy after just 12 years of dominance for the club who won just two this group stage. This is their 15 years of good performance on top and there was 1 year still left of that, it was not easy to win. The main factor in this success was the excellent performance of David Torkon. John Ritchie was the head coach at Watford and managed to take top positions as head assistant and the club was on top of the English Top League for the most time. From then it was clear he didn’t win anything in England and could be in the same good position as Peter Bond and Tom Davies. John Ritchie’s side will move up through the ranks to the top of European top leagues. That is their first competitive point

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