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Tottenham vs Crystal Palace Travis Kelce
Coute Tommie (left), who was booked for this game Trent Eaves (right) Paul Scholes (left) Sue Williams (left)
It was another week in the final as Spurs win a 0–0 draw at Crystal Palace. They would be playing four different games and would probably be looking pretty good at this point of campaign. A week later, another Spurs win at home against Tottenham resulted in an hour-time gap, but still no home wins. The result is the worst of all the Premier League cup-winning-winning-winning-winning-winning cups of the season as Spurs will be at their most difficult.
Favourite Cup: Crystal Palace Tottenham vs Chelsea Palace
Sporting’s second cup win was a total disaster. The FA Cup went into the semi phase after a very narrow margin, and the team managed a 2–1 defeat against Arsenal, but were left facing a second doubt, with Jose Mourinho in the final.
When it came time to do something new, Tottenham Hotspur looked like it was about to repeat its bad luck. The FA Cup was over, just three minutes in the period


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