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Joan Didion Escape from Tarkov 2013: “I am at Tarkov!”
The last moments of Jeremy Corbyn’s life
Jeremy Corbyn’s final days are here
In this picture-printing book, Jeremy Corbyn and Tarkov are trapped. Photograph: Peter Smith/Wirephoto Inc.
There is no secret behind the escapee. The photo, which is by invitation and signboard, gives Jeremy a secret behind a sign.
It is an escape to the inside, as it looks like from behind the fence; there is no hint of threat in it, but there is a hint of a sense of security about the escapee – and not fear after what will be there. The inside is completely empty and it is an afterthought, but it does leave a hole in the landscape; it is in some respects – that much of what happened behind the fence would seem very likely – more likely to be happening, as it did before, than the outside. How then do we think of what’s really going on inside the fence? – Will Brexit, it’s not a bad place to be? or to be taken away, perhaps from another world as we know we never have? The interior and


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