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Inglewood Javier Baez
Alma Almagnot is an American television and broadcast news anchor for Fox News Channel, anchor for WXAN-TV network and a guest anchor for American Public TV. She hosts the program from April 5 to June 17, 2014 in Denver, Colorado at the Fox news offices under the news anchor, Juan de Carpello in Miami, to discuss her work with news executives in their field, including news about the federal government as discussed in previous columns. She was born to a Sicilian immigrant couple.
Almiralfreda Elgigática Almagnot is a former Spanish professor, and former director of the Center for the Study of the International Network of Professional People. In 1992 she received a Master of Arts degree from the Spanish-language Master University Biencaliento de Cultura Universidad de Querétaro (Madrid International); Spanish Language
In 2004, Almagnot received the Distinctive-Initiative Award of the National Council of Cultural Societies/Universidad Internacional de Querétaro (ICCI). It is recognized under the title “National Research of the University” in the Americas.


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