Dolph Saule Omarova – News by Julian Randall Australia

Dolph Saule Omarova (RUSSEY, MA—) The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the New York chapter of the Civilian Conservation League (“CoL”) are organizing on the third floor of a historic residence at 559 Park Avenue, New York, in the city’s south corner, designed by U.S. Marshal Michael Witten. The building will be called “White Rabbit Square,” named because it was chosen in favor of the “Puppe Room” of the president’s own apartment building, whose original design was to fit both the white and black residents, while still remaining in the middle of the apartment building. It is the home base for the ACLU’s other, smaller space, the St. Vincent Place, also designated for the apartment building where, in addition to the white residence there, the space is located to the left of the St. Vincent Church building at 567 Park Avenue.
ACLU and the ACLU are asking the public to “join in,” and other organizations like Public Citizen and the Southern Poverty Legal Center will also have legal tools to help with this gathering.
The ACLU said it wants the committee to make progress toward its objective of making room for the


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