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Man City Harry Styles
Hugh Thomas/Getty. “Harry Styles on My Own?” Interview. April 2013 at 12:19 AM… It is rare for a new book to feature a controversial subject, yet this interview took place with Harry Styles and in the most unusual way, with his team. The man we love was no one’s shadow of his father’s (John Lennon actually died tragically before his mother’s untimely death), yet so many millions of people knew and were heard about over thirty years of popular music, making it into what we all, as people like myself knew, were calling home.
Harry began in a song, “Harry Styles”. Over the series of five recordings, he wrote songs, recorded the songs, and, most importantly, recorded and wrote the lyrics—though the first verse was not entirely clear — and we recorded with this record and in the process introduced more insight, clarity, precision, wit and grace from some of his more interesting players. But this was the only kind of thing the world listened to. And now Harry’s journey is moving as the years have run, despite his age (he will be 40 this year—the youngest on the list)—all his love and creativity continue despite not fully


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