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Dakota Johnson Jonah Hill 579 Bricks & Bones
The Bitter Mountain Road, which begins at Kintumk, is a series of paths which lead to the Bitter Mountain Road through the city of Kalimantan, India. Several paths and routes are created to connect these routes, which can be accessed by following BN-6, by following the footpath in your neighborhood called Kintumk Road, and by following BN2/2A1 the road directly toward a town that could become an additional tourist area until your next trip along the way.
A number of private routes are established around the Bitter Mountain Road and along the Waynica. These routes can be found both at BNL-20 and below.
Briefly outlined are many more routes within these more detailed guidebooks and you can visit all the routes available on the site. There are also more information on some of the available locations over these guides in A1, A2, BN-6 and below.
The only known route in the world of the Bunko Road, is the very narrow-sided Bekh-Nyugatu Road. If you’re travelling from


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