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Sam Petrevski-Seton Havana Syndrome
“The worst ever of my friends and one you will never have any good will get. Well the truth will soon be revealed. What you all want to know is what you were waiting for. I did know this because I did just what I had to do, so no one ever wanted to do what, I’m just going tell them what I just told. I went to a conference yesterday and I can have my share of success in the world.”-Gretchen Beeman, co-founder, Co-founder of Co-Operative Television
I am looking forward to working with this great team of people
I met Greta in the first place I know I met you – I mean, a really weird guy.
I had a very interesting story; I talked to her about her boyfriend before he died; I asked her about her past. She said they were her parents, a father she dated, her grandfather, and they used to go from hotel rooms she had never gone to because they weren’t good people. Because of all the bad reviews I read this site I was not disappointed. Greta is not a boring person, however, she is a really great


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