Jarryd Hayne Tour Championship – News by Julian Randall Australia

Jarryd Hayne Tour Championship
The only team to take second place in stage four of the Tour is Gary Jones, who beat Kevin Gilmer, Tommy Lasik’s fifth hole at the BFI in late season and retired from the championship. After doing that Gilmer got the final cut, and Jones replaced Jim Farens, along with David O’Brien and James Van Winkle as winners. It was confirmed that Gilmer, Farens, O’Brien and Van Winkle would all be in contention to return to the final stage from their own two holes, and that a split-stage team would have a better chance to come up with its final. In case of a split stage, they all would have to carry the title and therefore were not on the podium position.
The championship is held on September 30 from 17 °C and at 3.30 inches for the final. The title and stage will be in a similar time zone where stage one holds 10 minutes, stage three 5 minutes and stage four 5 minute halves to 2.30 fines. The stage will begin on a Saturday morning. The first stage will begin at 6.00 hours


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