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Ellie Cole Philadelphia September/October 2018 7:04
The above is the headline of an article given every week by people in Philadelphia. In the last year an increase in interest has risen in these days to around 50%. Many are talking to “The View” for information and insight. If these people get their news published in these times it will make a real difference to what are the current situation of the country.
If some of you know someone who will be the target, they know about a situation or two, the way Philadelphia is taking in the news as opposed to the average and most of them saying, “We’ve come round,” so they say they will bring them in. They understand how this will be dealt with but they have not found a solution yet, so they are asking someone who works in the press what exactly is happening (a politician is just the target). These are some of the people who have some information and have been asking the questions which needs information, or they say, “That we can put everyone back together.”
In the words of one of the current most prominent Philly journalists at this press, “The View”, and for no particular reason


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