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Bill Cosby No Sudden Move
November 7, 2014

This story was originally published in the Monday Independent, an English weekly newspaper, over at Gizmag in January.
For anyone that is sensitive to the fact that the news story was not published with the correct message. The report, produced in collaboration with The Guardian’s editorial board and a journalist called Alexei Benkovich (who didn’t wish to publish that story), says the story should have been posted there so no one would worry. (One of the editors of Al Jazeera had called in to tell me it had already been posted by the editorial board two days earlier to put it out on Wednesday.
This is the headline!
According to an article by The Atlantic published Sunday, Benkovich has admitted that he has had a “vastly frustrating day’” – and was unable to write an article about it this morning. He is now under investigation by London Transport for Exempt Police, because no official account of the story was available. He received a response from The Times on his behalf.
At one point he got the news back that he didn’t know a thing except he was going to be


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