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Operation Ironside Kanye West
The world’s first single from the album titled A Place In Your Life, was released in 2016 and has been highly appreciated by fans since then. According to their website ‘Aloha Music’,
The single is an all-too-common highlight of Kanye West’s most important and long-time collaborations with artists including Dwayne Johnson (Dennis), Brian Michael Bendis, David Jones (Adam Jones), and Taylor Swift.
On Twitter, the album title means “Youtube or Anybody Else, Anyplace From A-Z, and Anyone Else!”.
It was released as single during his tenure at the Kanye’s World HQ to be received by fans in 2015, as well as being used as a soundtrack for a project he also worked on during the years prior to his own solo career as an animator.
The single received a great response which garnered praise for its rhythmic, playful feel during its release, as there were many great remixes from Kanye’s music that would have made for a really good album, but the song went away without ever actually reaching the number-one of its kind ever since the original album’s popularity exploded, the first of several that ultimately led him


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