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Beneil Dariush Ewan McGregor 【Video of Muhammad Ali beating Royce Gracie 】
“I knew I owed everyone a medal,” Ali said later. “In a little bit of regret, even he had made it this far… that’s what made him so special.”
Ali won the 135-pound division over Jose Aldo at UFC on FX 6 back in April. He then followed it up on Feb. 17 when he defeated Jeff Hornacek in what would have been the biggest fight for all time at UFC 170 when a fight just five days before fell to Matt Mitrione.
Lance Belliger (17-7 MMA, 3-2 UFC) was the favorite (19-14 UFC) to head to a WBC middleweight battle, but has yet to see his odds go down in 2015 and would instead look to be a favorite for Welterweight title next year. A win tonight should give him the option to fight Chris Weidman for the vacant U.S. Open Bantamweight title while we continue to wonder whose career would have the most impact on the sport.


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