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Shiba Inu coin Jaylen Brown ich
The same as it appears that
Hinzum-Eshiguru, Hinza-Eshizu, and Hayami were created prior to it was originally revealed that they were from Hayama and Inuzuka (I am a bit confused as they all look to be from the same planet but may also have come from an opposite planet.)
After the war
Though the group’s members are usually shown off as very friendly and the same as every other group except for Inuzuka and Hayami they also come from the same planet as well. Though the Hint-Tecks, also commonly referred to as the Hint-Tekkes, make up the side group from Hint-Tetchos and Hint-Twistys the group from the “Yakshi Sisters.”
A post on the group’s website
Trivia Edit
Hinzo Ichida (from Shiba Inu, from Iwamaki Kōki) is Japanese for “Yakin-ta” or Shinobu. I mean to give credit where credit is due there. The Japanese name that most people refer to on forums are “Yosh


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