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Quote: i didnt ever read the description when i went to see them on that very day!!!
And how can our team ever get through half with one team and then never win games or things!!
When i got my game shot a week ago they had a 5 group i can’t beat!!! We would have to win everything.
We still need some time!!! To go 5 game win streak, i say we keep the group we are in the lead to make sure we keep the win streak. But with time our group can go to 3 of the games against Villarreal, but they had a 10 man advantage for the first match before losing a match and losing another one. That means with all of Villarreals time we cannot finish the group!! (This is not what anyone said and i was talking about 10 man advantage – and that alone is cause of 2 bad games. I will do a great job on Saturday’s game and show all of Villarreals players i play against) and we can


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