Tottenham vs Man United Hugh Jackman – News by Julian Randall Australia

Tottenham vs Man United Hugh Jackman  is on the verge of becoming one of Liverpool’s biggest rivals this coming season. He is, after all, the highest-paid United player in the world and currently sits in second of Liverpool’s top earners and has scored in double figures in five of his team-defining Premier League experiences. After beating Chelsea for first place in his team and winning the final of the 2012 London cup, the England striker is already well worth their attention. After breaking into the top flight of English football five years ago, Jackman can probably be called the ‘biggest of all’, thanks largely to their strong defence and impressive attacking play. Their record of six wins in the league is fourth highest in the Premier League and have already put that up for grabs this season by advancing twice to the final of the FA Cup. ÂThe 20 goals given up against Manchester United is no secret and makes them one of the world’s most important sides if you follow their season’s transfer record. United play a total of eight games, the most in the Premier League. Their first outing won’t be against Chelsea because in a 1-1 draw at Hull it was United who lost 1-0, with the last of two goals provided by Liverpool over


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