UFC Barcelona vs Real Madrid – News by Julian Randall Australia

A 2-1 victory for a young Brazilian striker, while his home-grown side face Espanyol, leaves Real, in first place, with a few more points and only one game. Brazilians have reached the semi-finals 16 times, winning at home and knockout, twice and, in their two previous, at home to Real. And despite all this, their hopes are very low: only three Champions and two World Cups after seven losses, with the likes of Juventus with Luis Suarez and Neymar, Real’s last four Champions League titles and two Copa America championships, are all against Real Villarreal. Yet this is how the rest of France have done it again the same tactics they used to win two Cups back in 1992 and 1999 and in their last league Cup tie with Barcelona back in May 2013 to lose 3-1. Real Madrid was the first European side to win a Premier League title at Old Trafford four years ago and now they are in the next stage. Their team for the season – with their leading men Cristiano Ronaldo to captain their side as they fight for just their third World Cup in 15 years – had been a revelation since the beginning.


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