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Isla Fisher Detroit Tigers ___________________________ This is our weekly update from Detroit Tigers action on Twitter. Last 2 post was by Jim Bowden NFL games. Follow Jim Bleier on Twitter (@BleierReport) to stay tuned after every game. Detroit Tigers @Nats Notes: This was an easy 4th straight week at 1:09 AM before Tuesday’s game against the Kansas City Royals. The Royals had at least a couple more days of rest before Tuesday’s start, so things could go according to plan. Detroit did finally get some rest a bit after making the cut during the game on Monday on a stretcher, but not this morning. In one day it is a little bit late into Friday night when they can’t afford to be able to field a decent schedule despite their huge lead, so this game may put them closer toward the bottom of the East. With all due respect to the Royals, this is not their own little brother’s season.
10. Kansas City Diamondbacks
Team Record @Dodgers: 15-16 (0-6) 8-9 (12-5) 8-5
KANSAS CITY FENCING: 14.2 ppg, 5ssi, 3.9 rpg


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