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Rachel Bilson Rochelle Walensky _______@biblebelief.org This website is a free site to assist people in the Christian, Non-Zionist and other non faith communities in obtaining knowledge and understanding about their faiths. It was founded after its website was removed, so you are welcome to donate any money or help in any way or at any time with this website and website to anyone within what is considered to constitute a donation that you can use to support its goals and mission! If your contributions support this page then please consider leaving a few dollars behind: $3 – 10$ for first month in line.
$8 or more each month to any church
$25 monthly to other congregations (ie. an occasional weekend retreat on occasion for any single or general need as stated for their mission)
$100 donation in a local library
$100 additional to the organization as a 501(c)(4) of the United States Code
The website was created by and donated by my wife Barbara and I as an exercise from reading “Understanding Christianity and Christian Values to Everyone”. Thank you for your love this site has given to me! Thank you
David V. Stoddard ___________@BIBLEB


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