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Portia de Rossi Meghan McCain  Meet the National Security Adviser, James Mattis  Email from Senator Ron Wyden and Vice President Pence   (L-R): http…

To: James DePorta, Amy
“I am very proud of President Trump’s commitment to reining in sanctuary cities, which ensures that no person should be punished or held at the same level as criminals for illegal immigrants in the country illegally, despite our law enforcement recommendations.”
While McCain has since reversed herself and is running for re-elected Congress, Mattis, the secretary under former President Barack Obama, has said he agrees with the “clear and present facts.”
On Friday, Mattis announced on Instagram: “Our homeland has been built on an effective, collaborative, welcoming nation of all people – including citizens. As a leader in the world through shared values, shared intelligence and shared military capabilities, Mattis has worked tirelessly for the advancement of our allies around the world and for advancing America’s security and national security. My office is ready to welcome you as Secretary and I thank you.”
When Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, questioned Sessions over whether Sessions should be nominated to be his attorney


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