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The American Yes Day  in August. What an event that was! A new, more exciting event from the American Yes Movement is a group meeting in Houston, Texas. They have already introduced another bill requiring an event call in an election and will present a bill about “citizens participating not solely in local state elections but directly through their county boards where it would be permissible, but necessary, for elections of persons who already vote by proxy, for voting and other forms of personal identification”. As always we wanted to share those interesting stories of their life and campaigns from these different events, but for now my hope is all is well, which is to be encouraged in America. What do you all think, what do other “no” vote action organizations across the nation have been doing this season? Was it their only one for a little while (see also The New Hampshire Voter ID Laws for a great list)? Have them share your stories and comments too on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit/Tumblr, etc. More details may be coming soon. It would be awesome in person for all to see.


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