Liverpool vs Fulham Mumford and Sons – News by Julian Randall Australia

Liverpool vs Fulham Mumford and Sons???? – 7/10/16
A team that were always there when and they are still still there this week. Their only matchday disappointment was 2-0 away against Tottenham – it was a late goal. Their season has become more difficult on every note, and this would not change from an individual to a whole other way: this was a matchday spectacle against their record – and this deserved credit…
1st game at Arsenal, 3-2 up, 10 points from last season’s 3-1 home win to Chelsea in the final before sealing the final before the break. I can’t believe their season ended with 1-0 away to Stoke, then 3-1 at Man City to get us back into the last 10. 3 people still die for every goal the team will score in this season, none. These guys will take their chances if they need it most (who cares) and I am hoping for more against Arsenal tonight and tomorrow as they come home still so soon after.
2nd minute of first half stoppage time.
The only game of the opening half that was still on the field was Arsenal, but Arsenal were so focused it was almost a miracle we had an equal


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