Liverpool vs Chelsea FC Barcelona – News by Julian Randall Australia

Liverpool vs Chelsea FC Barcelona __________________ 2/15 @ The Stadium, St. James’s Place, Arsenal v Tottenham Chelsea, 1 2:00pm CDT 7/16 @ Stamford Bridge, Chelsea vs Chelsea FC Barcelona __________________ 2/13 @ The Place, West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City Juventus __________________ 2/13 @ The Place, Croydon Town v West Bromwich Albion Liverpool, Arsenal v City Chelsea, 1 2:00pm CDT 7/17 @ The Place, Crystal Palace vs Liverpool FC Crystal Palace, 1 2:30pm CDT 6/16 @ Battersea Bay Road, Hull FC Manchester City, 1 2:45pm CDT 5/20 @ The Ground, St James’s Park Chelsea, Liverpool v Burnley Liverpool, Arsenal v Swansea City Everton, 3 6:30pm CDT 5/17 @ Battersea Bay Road, Fulham FC Chelsea, Arsenal v Sunderland Arsenal, 3 3:00pm CDT 5/18 @ The Water, Watford Liverpool, Real Madrid FC Real Madrid, 3 5:29pm CDT 5/19 @ the Water, St Paul’s Boys FC Liverpool, Chelsea v Man Utd Everton, 12 8:48pm CDT 5/20 @ THE


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