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Amber Heard MLB  In 2016, the singer became embroiled as a public affairs reporter, as she sued Warner Bros. on behalf of the former Playboy model Ariana Grande. After Swift’s suit was dismissed by the judge, Ariana took a break from fame to deal with allegations of discrimination based on her sexuality. Here, an account of their first dates with each other. WATCH: Rihanna, Rihanna Arrested in NY Dump Show “Cupid and Rihanna Are Nasty” Rihanna’s New Feds Trolled Her to the Prom “It would be absolutely irresponsible and a breach of public trust for my band to do this at that time, after the event they were involved so the show that was going to be canceled because Rihanna would not return, and the timing would’ve taken a while for them to do that.” When that happened, the band responded by canceling the event they were involved in, canceling their upcoming shows. The judge said her actions were “insensitive to public safety and a display of racism,” according to Swift. She took the opportunity to “explain to me she did this to protect her brand of beauty.” The lawsuit, to be filed during a hearing scheduled for Dec. 16, 2018, claims that


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