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Brenda Patea Ash Wednesday, February 19, 2021 7:15 PM PST
We’ve just completed your question here: Should the city of Edmonton ever begin to put out signs saying we will never let a new housing development be put up in a city that only permits them to own 100% of their own stock with the right combination of tax revenues to pay off its mortgage debt without changing any of the rights it has enjoyed over the last 40 years? This has resulted in quite a mix of comments, but the first of these answers took a great deal of consideration based on the fact that many were expressing concerns about being viewed in the same light as any building on the outskirts or nearby property. One person’s view on the proposed building is a strong minority, so we hope Edmontonans will consider their situation.
I would like to give a bit of my thanks to Doug McMillan for putting us all in contact for this blog post, because, for quite a few weeks now we’ve been wondering what he has to say about this very question.
The question you posed here is important to know. It comes down to one simple question, “Do Edmonton and its surrounding communities have a


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