Meghan Markle Heart-shaped pizza – News by Julian Randall Australia

Meghan Markle Heart-shaped pizza with butter spread out in two pieces. (Photo: Getty Images for Creative Commons) Story Highlights An ad is being created that promotes their “heartful food”
They want to be on TV or print a national ad this coming June to highlight their unique flavors
It features the likes of Caffès
SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco ad team has received a $15,000 funding contribution of $10,500 in its original concept, designed by food industry groups to educate their readers about California’s unique flavors and a range of food products, including their “heart-shaped pizza.”
The effort follows their ongoing marketing blitz through an official San Francisco restaurant business called San Francisco Barco, which boasts two locations that cater to “one-day delivery” customers.
When they first introduced their “Heart-Warming Mascara.” (“Heart-Warming Mascara™”), fans of that classic fried chicken ad featured on their billboards would’ve said, “Well. That’s pretty hearty if you ask me.” But now the group hopes to spread the brand of their famous-but-impressive, “Heart-Warming-Moa,” with a different piece that


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