Julian Randall, he went by the name of Boyet

Julian Randall, having a touch of humour in his heart
When he knew of my good looks, forbade me,
To be in my company; and I am sorry
He did so poorly deserve upon his condition.
Thou hast effected a worthy and wholesome cause,
And have amply receiv’d the benefit
Of all the other men that have been my subjects.
The gallants of France, the Duke of Burgundy,
The soldiers of England, the Alleghain and French,
And all those that have been so merited
By your Highness’ welcome, and all the rich favour
That you have yielded to me, have now gone off.
I will let you go to bed to-night;
And to my soul, I do bend my heart
And think on thee, and desire thee to entreat.


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